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Healdsburg Reputation MarketingFor any firm or small business owner, keeping their clients and customers informed regarding the current events, marketing promotions & other special discount deals is extremely important. The fastest way to inform clients and consumers about the current offers is to use social networking sites such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The content that you post in such social networking sites ought to be valuable for your customers. You can post content on advice, hints and tips associated with your business.

Social Media Ninjas Provides Elegant Web Site Development & Design

To bring lots of traffic to your business, your website design ought to be outstanding. Only then you will have an edge over your business competitors. The webpage layout needs to be user-friendly and simple to navigate. The information presented in your website should be clear and informative. The information presented in your website should effectively portray the specific brand that you promote and also make sure that your website is cell phone responsive. In other words, your clients should be able to easily reach and use your site regardless of what device they use for the online search.

We have an amazing collection of web page design samples that you can view on our web design gallery. Just take a moment to see our design work!.

Social Media Networking 101

Today, sharing and receiving word of mouth referrals happens largely on the social networking sites. For example, if you’re posting something on a promotion, your customers can share this post with their buddies and relations. This extends your business’s social visibility. Not all posts are shared by your followers. Only those types of status updates that are informative and impressive are usually shared by people.

Instead of displaying your content in the form of only text, you may use images because that should create a much better impact. This will surely boost the chances of the content being shared by your business’ followers. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words, and on social networking, that is very true.

What Is SEO

Reputation MarketingThese days, tools such as Classified Directory are hardly used by consumers. People now rely on Web Search Engines to find the info they’re searching for. SEO is the process of architecting the infrastructure and content of your website to effectively portray the services your company provides. This procedure ought to be performed under the supervision of a qualified and skilled SEO expert. Social Media Ninjas boasts an excellent team of knowledgable SEO experts who get the work done with great results. They have been offering excellent services for over a decade in this field. We promise that your website rankings will improve steadily because our Search Engine Optimization experts are skilled and trained in Search Engine Optimization techniques.

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I see you both working so hard to create our new website. It is looking AMAZING and I’m so impressed with the look and what you are trying to achieve with functionality as well.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugh Groman, CEO

Greenleaf Platters/Greenleaf Provisions

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