How Important is it For My Website to be Mobile Friendly?

How Important is it For My Website to be Responsive for Mobile & Tablet Devices?

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How important is it for our website to be mobile friendly?

And the answer is, really important! We’re in an age now where everyone’s on their mobile phone all day long, and well over 50% of all website visitors are on mobile devices or tablet devices. Those are all considered mobile devices in the sense that a website that looks good on a desktop computer doesn’t necessarily look good on those devices.

So that means well over half of your visitors may be looking at a terrible experience – so bad that they may not stay on the site. We’ve all seen websites on our mobile phone that weren’t properly formatted. Nobody stays on that. So you should really look at your own website on your mobile phone, your iPad (if you have one) or your Kindle, to see what the experience is going to be like. It’s a whole different set of rules for a mobile visitor.

It’s actually said that mobile visitation is going to be up to 75% in the next year, and up to 90 to 95% in the next 3-5 years. It makes sense; everyone’s on these devices. Devices like the iPhone 6 Plus are so big now that they’re almost like mini tablets. This is how people are going to be looking at your website. So don’t have your website design in such a way that it only looks good on your 23 inch monitor and think that you’re good to go. Because you’re not. You need to make sure that your mobile experience is at least as good as the desktop experience.

So really make sure that you’ve got what’s called a “responsive designed” website. Which means simply that it’s designed to look good on any screen size, whether its in portrait or landscape, narrow or wide, and that the navigation menus for example you can use point or touch to click, click to call on the phone numbers.

Also understand that the needs of mobile searchers and website visitors are different than desktop visitors. For example, they need to be able to easily find information about you and directions to your business.

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