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  • About This Form

    To better understand you and your ideal customers/clients we're having you fill out this form. An "Avatar" is a sculpted image of your ideal customers. This should not deviate too much from your average customer (aka, keep reasonable goals). Fill out as much detail as possible to better help us help you with your success.
  • Avatar Demographic

  • What is a quote that your customer avatar would say? Example: "It's hard to find cheap electricians!" or "There aren't enough dentists near me." Feel free to include more than 1 quote.
  • Avatar Goals & Values

  • Can be in life or in business, as long as it relates to what you have to offer them.
  • What aspects does your customer avatar hold to high regard? Example (if you were a preschool) "I only select the best for my child" would be a core value.
  • Sources of Information

    Where does your customer avatar learn about information in your industry?

  • Challenges & Pain Points

  • What is driving them crazy? What is interfering with their success?
  • Objections & Role in Purchase Process

  • What is the biggest obstacle that prevents your customers doing business in your industry?

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I see you both working so hard to create our new website. It is looking AMAZING and I’m so impressed with the look and what you are trying to achieve with functionality as well.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugh Groman, CEO

Greenleaf Platters/Greenleaf Provisions

5 Star reviews - Social Media Ninjas