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About four years ago, only about 25% of people who owned a smart phone used it for internet. Today, more than 55% use their smart phones as a primary method of internet access while they are away from home. That means in the past four years that number has doubled, and it will continue to increase as smartphones become more affordable and available.

What does this mean for online marketing and web design? It means that if you aren’t prepared for a future where smartphones and tablets are going to be the #1 method of connecting to the internet, you’ll be left with very little business traffic.

The Future of Mobile

Can you imagine that only 15-20 years ago many people had to visit a college, library, or internet café just to use the internet? Chances were back then that those people wouldn’t invest so much time into researching a new plumber or dentist online because the internet wasn’t as readily available back then. That’s not even mentioning those horrendous dial-up connection speeds.

As seen by studies in the recent years, the percentage of individuals who use a mobile device to connect to the internet is escalating. That number is expected to consistently rise until eventually everyone will own a smart phone and the internet will effectively designed for mobile. However, because that percentage is already so high, if you ate not optimizing for the mobile world, you may already be losing business.


Mobile Marketing in Santa Rosa

The popularity of mobile marketing is exploding. Mobile browsers are commonly used to view websites, and SMS/Text messaging is popular with older and younger generations alike. Consider these facts: 85% of all text/SMS messages are read within the first minute of receipt, and 98% are read by the end of the day (by contrast, only 22% of opt-in emails are read by the recipient).91% of all mobile phone users both keep their phones within 3 ft of them and turned on 24 hours/day. Mobile smart phones (including iPhones, Android, etc.) outsell all desktop PCs combined. Not having a mobile marketing presence means missing the boat of this exciting area of opportunity.

Social Media Ninjas offers the following comprehensive mobile marketing to its clients to help you take advantage of this exciting new channel of communication:

  • Create Mobile/Smartphone-Optimized Version of Primary Company Website
  • Setup Mobile/SMS/Text Messaging-Capable Autoresponder/Automatic Follow-Up Marketing System* (system capable of email, voice, and text/SMS messaging, and webinar hosting/promotions)
  • Create Initial Mobile Autoresponder/Drip Marketing Series of Text/SMS Messages
  • Develop Mobile Coupon/Special Offer for Site Visitors and Text Message List Subscribers
  • Setup & Optimize Business Listing on FourSquare
  • Setup & Optimize Business Listing on Facebook Places
  • Create Monthly Rotating Offer for FourSquare/Facebook Places Visitors (Customer Loyalty Rewards/Discounts, etc.)
  • Create & Send Client-Generated Text/SMS Messages to Campaign Subscribers)
  • Create In-Store QR Code Flyer (Quick Response 2D Barcodes) to Promote Text/SMS Customer Loyalty List**
  • Add Promotion Widget for Text/SMS Customer Loyalty List to Company Website (requires site access)
  • Management of Google AdMob Mobile Ad Campaign
  • .MOBI Setup: Register/Configure Separate .MOBI version of Your Site (includes 1st year domain registration fee)
  • Number of Included Text Messages (note: add’l messages over plan allocation billed at $.09/msg)
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