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With a competent paid traffic / PPC advertising company at your side, you’ll draw in more traffic from areas you did not know existed. This leads to more sales, more positive reviews, and an increase in overall business.

smn-ad-ninjaHave you ever tried advertising online on sources such as Facebook or Google AdWords? If you haven’t, we’ll save you the research: it’s frustrating. With how things are now, PPC advertising management is not for the faint of heart. There are so many things you need to know, many hours of research needed, and so many settings to configure; this is all just to submit one advert for approval! In addition to the volumes of knowledge necessary, it takes time. You can’t simply press a button to launch an ad and expect results. We’ve seen companies do this very thing and throw thousands of dollars out the window. No, you need a reliable marketing company such as Social Media Ninjas to spearhead your advertising campaign.

We’ve worked with local and national businesses in many diverse industries and helped them grow their business in as little as several weeks. We’ve read the long “Thank You!” emails our clients sent after experiencing dramatic business growth.

It’s Not Just PPC — Welcome to the Funnel

A successful advertising campaign won’t simply sell a one-time product or service — it will create a new customer for life. To make this true, you need to ‘nurture’ your visitors in a phase-by-phase process called a funnel. No two funnels are the same, so it’s difficult to explain in general terms, but let’s give a generic example. Someone clicks on your ad because it promises a 25% discount on one of the services you’re looking to bring more business to. They arrive on a very informative page on your website (“Landing Page”) explaining the offer in great detail. To claim their offer, they provide their phone number and email address. You call them that day to schedule an appointment.

Earn their trust, gain their business.

It doesn’t stop there. Using a series of pre-written emails, they receive helpful advice and information in their inbox for the next 10 days (“Autoresponder Series”). You see, when people purchase a product or service, they’re quick to move on. Your business exits their short-term memory, and without any intervention, they’re unlikely to consider your services again. With a series of well thought out emails prepared in advance, you ensure that your business is fresh on their mind in the weeks and months to come.

These emails are helpful because they’re the perfect means to deliver other promotions to your clients/customers. They stick with your email subscription because you provide them value, and when you slip in a distinct limited-time offer (“Call To Action”) they’re sure to check it out. Once you earn their trust, you’ll gain their business.

Now we’ll answer some questions that all of our clients have about advertising online.

What’s My Involvement?

PPC advertising is not done upon the press of a button. When you decide to work alongside Social Media Ninjas, we’ll walk you through the onboarding process. This involves collecting a lot of information about your business to get to know you and your products/services better. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all advertising campaign, so the information we collect will help us customize the advertising to meet the needs of your specific demographic/audience. To get started, we’ll ask questions about your advertising history, business goals, target audience, products/services, sales/promotions, verbiage used in your industry, and more.

It’s a very elaborate getting-to-know-you phase, but it’s done only once, and the benefits are well worth it. We’ve found a direct correlation to how much information businesses provide our advertising team and the success they experience in advertising. Would you want someone to remodel your house without giving them detailed information regarding what your goals are? Neither would we!

When Can I Expect Results?

We’ve had clients experience tremendous sales as soon as the first week. However, most often it takes several weeks for the benefit to kick into full gear. During the first several months of advertising, we’re constantly fine-tuning your advertisements to produce the greatest success possible (“A/B Split Testing”). Because each industry is entirely different, there’s so much for our team to learn about your business and customers. And because we don’t cut corners, we carefully approach and investigate the market before putting your advertising dollars to good work. Much like an investor takes great time getting to know the companies he/she invests in, we get to know what PPC advertising strategies would do the most good.

How Much Does PPC Advertising Cost?

This is a question we’ll answer during our onboarding phase. Because of the great level of effort that goes into creating your first ad, we’ll encourage you to spend a minimum amount. This amount varies seasonally, so contact us if you want to know specifics. As we test out different ad variations in the beginning, we may spend less. When the amount of ad clicks increases (“Click Through Rate (CTR)”) we usually ramp up our efforts, putting more advertising dollars only on high performing advertisements.

How Will I Know It’s Working?

We’ll provide login information to our advertising analytics dashboard so you can have instant access at any time to ad performance. You can choose your level of involvement in this process, whether it’s heavy involvement or letting us take full control. At the end of the day, the only feedback you really need is a constantly ringing phone or billowing email inbox of fresh business.

Getting Started: Talk to Our CEO

Are you ready to get started? Or do you first have some questions? We understand that paying for online advertising is a scary prospect. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation with our CEO, Sean Daily. In this call, you can ask any questions you have about advertising. Our goal is to respond to your concerns, ease your worries, and point you in the right direction. Or you can click here to send us a message on our contact form.

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