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Santa Rosa Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing is the new “word of mouth” for consumers looking to purchase products and services. A suggestion from an advertisement may be impacting, but nothing beats the impact of a suggestion from a friend. Social media — which includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, to name a few – has become a tremendous foundation for the success of major corporations. However, it doesn’t take a corporate budget to get your products or services seen online. Learn how we use Social Media to get your business seen online.

Engaging Your Audience

Online internet-goers of the modern age are excitement and entertainment-driven. The requirements of a social media marketing campaign are greater than they have ever been before. Therefore your business should meet them in their place by offering engaging content relevant to their situation no matter where they are in life. Social Media Ninjas does this through targeted demographic driven posting of content relevant to your business. We’ll offer you advice how to specifically target key buying demographics. We’ll ensure that there is a steady flow of traffic and conversation on your social media pages.


Social Media for the Search Engines

Did you know that a successful Social Media Management campaign may translate to greater rankings on search engines? New studies suggest that Google’s algorithm may have inclusions to benefit businesses that are active on social media. These tweaks and changes on search engines will only continue to grow, further benefiting businesses with a solid social media presence.

We are well equipped to rise up to this challenge by offering a comprehensive social media marketing and management package. This all-inclusive package gives you absolutely every market edge to dominate not only your social circles but search engine rankings as well. In fact, at Social Media Ninjas, we see SEO and Social Media Management as two sides of the same coin!

Social Media Encourages Branding Growth

A well-maintained Social Media campaign will show positive results in terms of brand growth in the areas of follower count and follower interaction, i.e., content sharing. Users who are fans/followers of a social media page typically “Share” information that they find useful. For example, an insightful article we post on your Facebook Business Page may be passed around dozens of times by people who learned something from that article. Typical Facebook users enjoy being the pioneers of sharing good information, and by linking to authoritative content online this encourages others to share that article. Each article shared is a free link back to your profile page and a potential new follower!

Contact Social Media Ninjas

We hope you’ve learned a few reasons why a professional staff of social media professionals can accelerate business visibility and traffic. We encourage you to call us ( (707) 206-6244 ) or send us a message with any questions or comments. As you’ll see, we’re very passionate about what we do to help businesses like yours grow and dominate your market.

Santa Rosa Social Media Services Include:

  • Create Social Media Branding Package w/Your Logo, (Custom Profile Icons, Background, etc.)
  • Setup & Optimize Business Facebook Fan Page
  • Create Custom Facebook “Reveal” Landing Page w/Offer Incentive to Promote “Likes”
  • Setup & Optimize Twitter Account/Profile
  • Setup & Optimize YouTube Channel
  • Setup & Optimize Google+ Account
  • Setup & Optimize LinkedIn Company Page
  • Setup Existing Content Streams & RSS Feeds (Blogs/Etc) to Auto-Post to Social Media Sites
  • Create Original, Audience/Industry Relevant Status Updates on All Social Media Sites
  • Audience Interactions/Responses: Respond to Fan/Follower Questions/Comment & Forward
  • SEO & Post Client-Created Videos to YouTube*
  • Mass Distribute Videos to Add’l Sharing Sites
  • Advanced YouTube SEO: Add Closed Captions/ Transcripts to each video posted on YouTube
  • Run Ongoing Audience-Building Campaign for Twitter
  • Run Ongoing Audience-Building Campaign for Facebook
  • Run Ongoing Audience-Building Campaign for YouTube
  • Manage/Run Ongoing Targeted Facebook Fan Page Ad Campaign Promoting “Likes”
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I see you both working so hard to create our new website. It is looking AMAZING and I’m so impressed with the look and what you are trying to achieve with functionality as well.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugh Groman, CEO

Greenleaf Platters/Greenleaf Provisions

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