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Video Marketing For Local Businesses

Santa Rosa Video MarketingWhat form of multimedia is the most effective at proclaiming your authority in an industry or field? If you answered “Video” you may be on to something! Video marketing is rising to the top as one of the most significant methods to build brand and increase attention. With new ways to capture and edit video releasing weekly, it’s also becoming one of the most cost-effective marketing campaigns you can do to increase traffic and business.

How Does Video Marketing Work, and Why Do It?

First, we will have a consultation meeting to become aware what goals you’d like to meet in your Video Marketing campaign: Do you want to get more traffic to your website? Do you want to get better rankings in Google through SEO? Do you want to showcase your knowledge on a particular subject? Do you want to inform your website and social media visitors of a new product, service, sale, or promotion? Do you want to let your new website visitors know more about who you are and what your business is about?

Video marketing is a solution for many issues when it comes to internet marketing. Until now, there hasn’t been an effective way to get your message out there. Not many people want to sit through a 400-word “About Me” section, and even fewer will call a business before they know more about them. A quick video on your website or social media is the absolute ideal way to establish that initial personal connection with visitors. In fact, the connection you create with a video has an astounding success rate at turning visitors into customers!

At Social Media Ninjas we utilize videos for our clients as often as possible, and believe me we have seen highly positive results in traffic and business.

After the initial consultation, we’ll begin filming various aspects of your business based on what your primary goals are. We may capture footage around your business property, or we may interview employees or customers, etc. Creativity is king here, and we’ll do everything in our abilities to create a video that captivates the viewer.

Contact Social Media Ninjas for Video Marketing

We’d like to help your business succeed and grow through Video Marketing. We encourage you to call us or send us a message. If you have not yet considered video marketing as a part of your online marketing campaign, you’re missing out on so many benefits. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Video Marketing Services:

  • Co-Development of Questions List for Frequently Asked / Should Ask Questions Serving as Main Video Content
  • Setup 10+ Video Sharing Site Profiles/Accounts
  • Filming, Editing, and Production of Primary FAQ/SAQ Content Videos; Bumper and non-Bumper Versions
  • Filming, Editing, and Production of Additional Marketing System Videos
  • Post Videos to YouTube & Daily Motion + Search Optimize
  • Mass Distribute Videos to 10+ Add’l Internet Video Sites
  • Time-Drip Posting of Videos for Maximum SEO Benefit
  • Post Videos to Social Media Sites (Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +)
  • Create Email Marketing List to Contain Video Subscribers
  • Create Autoresponder Messages for Each Video to Time- Deliver Videos to Subscribers
  • Upload Private, Non-Call to Action Versions of Videos to Cloud-based Video Hosting Platform
  • Develop Opt-In/Squeeze Page for Website to Capture and Convert
  • Visitors into List Subscribers
  • Advanced Video SEO: Add Closed Captions/Transcripts (YouTube Only)


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