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NinjaTips Episode 2: An Old Reliable Zin and the Nightmare of Yelp Reviews [VIDEO]

Episode Description

In this week’s installment of NinjaTips, I discuss an ol’ reliable Zinfandel and an issue that impacts every (and plagues many) local businesses — Yelp ReviewsYelp, love them or hate them, are here to stay and people can and will read whatever reviews have been left about your business. In the video, I show you an example of how Yelp’s much-detested filtration system works, how it can cripple businesses, and what you may be able to do about it.  

As always, I hope you find this video fun and informative. If you have specific suggestions about things you’d like to see in future videos, drop me a line via our website.   – Sean

[NOTE: Apologies for the video lag in the beginning — It’s not your connection, it was a glitch with our recording software that smooths out after 15 seconds.] 

Thanks as always for watching and most importantly for trusting us with your marketing services. We love helping you grow your business and are sincerely committed to your success! 

If you have any questions or comments about the video or things you’d like to see me discuss in the future, please get in touch with me at (707) 206-6245 ,  at sean (at) socialmedianinjas (dot) com, or use our Contact Us page. 

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