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The Ultimate Form To Collect Data from Your Local SEO Services Clients!

The form, which took me a substantial amount of time to create and perfect, collects everything you need to service for a local SEO (Google Places / Yahoo / Bing / directories for citations etc) client you’re working with, including:

  • All basic fields required by Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, and most directory (citation) services
  • Comprehensive (and multiple) industry/NAICS code selections
  • Photo/ZIP upload feature
  • Fields to provide links to client’s existing social media outposts, coupon offer, videos, photos, reviews, client authorization, etc.

It looks a bit simple below on the surface (this is on purpose to not scare the client too badly!) but there’s actually a bunch of conditional logic in it and lots of data involving the NAICS codes and other supported fields that remain hidden until made relevant by other linked fields.

Once submitted, it emails you the results of the client’s data entry and also puts it into a database you can edit or view later.

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As a bonus in purchasing this, you end up with an end-user (not a developer license.. you cannot use this to install on other sites beyond your own) the best forms program out there, Gravity Forms, that you can use to create other forms with on  your site later on, which runs $40 by itself for the single site license.. So, you kind of can’t lose at these prices, and particularly if you foresee the need for forms on your WordPress site in the future.

[*Notes: You’ll have to have WordPress running to use this, and give me a temporary admin account so I can install the necessary components (which you can simply delete after I’m done). Also, if you want special customizations done to it by me vs. you doing them (beyond the necessary ones of configuring your company name and email) that would need to be extra based on the work requested and quoted as such. That said, this version should cover 99% of people’s needs.]

Customer Testimonials:
“Excellent job on the form!” – Susan Merlo
“I’m totally stoked about your form…” – Dianna Conlon Helm
“Sean, awesome tool and worth every penny!” – Janice Volpe

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Client Data Form

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugh Groman, CEO

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